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Sole Savy
What is SoleSavy?
SoleSavy is a community comprised of some of the most passionate people in sneakers. The volatility of the sneaker market has made acquiring the sneakers you want harder than ever. Bots, mass reselling, shipping delays, fluctuating inventory and incorrect information are keeping shoes out of the hands of those that want them most. Our community consists of thousands of members across North America who are committed to restoring a sneaker community that is driven by passion, not profits. Whether you’re a newcomer, OG sneakerhead, or anywhere in-between, there is a place for you in SoleSavy. Beyond sneakers, SoleSavy’s latest endeavor, driven by its founders, employees and members, is to create a similar community for those passionate about NFTs.
Sole Savy

The SS4 is SoleSavy’s first official digital and physical sneaker

The SS4 was created with world renowned footwear designers Gemo Wong and Justin Taylor who have developed some of the most iconic designs in sneaker history.
mobile fogshoes
Pushing the
Sneaker Industry
SoleSavy is pushing the sneaker industry forward — creating a new consumer journey in footwear where the experience doesn’t end at the point of sale.
mobile fog
Air Force One Mid QS
Air Force One Mid QS
The Next Level Of
Commerce Experience
The SS4 is our way to give back to the community that birthed this industry, by providing an experience that offers long-term value both in the real world and metaverse. NFT’s present an opportunity for us to unlock the next level of commerce experiences, rewarding the most loyal sneaker enthusiasts from the onset.
mobile fog
Air Force One Mid QS
Air Force One Mid QS
Air Force One Mid QS
Ideation On Zoom,
Manufactured in US
This project was 100% ideated & designed on Zoom over the course of a year, and then manufactured in America at Garrixon Studios in Philadelphia, PA.
mobile fog
Air Force One Mid QS
Air Force One Mid QS
Air Force One Mid QS
Air Force One Mid QS
From community to
SoleSavy as a company and community was born out of the idea of helping sneakerheads get the shoes they want without having to pay a premium to third parties with no vested interest in sneaker culture. What if we created a sneaker by the design minds who played a role in some of the most coveted sneakers of the last decade? What if those same kinds of inspiring stories and premium craftsmanship went into a sneaker built specifically for sneakerheads? That was the question we asked ourselves when we embarked on this journey to push the boundaries of what releasing a sneaker can mean.
mobile fog

Why An NFT and What Can I Do With It?

The sneaker release process is dated and lacking innovation. We wanted to provide a new path to ownership of your sneaker (in the digital and physical world) while rewarding our most loyal customers through a long term roadmap. We got a chance to take a non-traditional route to creating a sneaker with some of the best design minds in the world. As a company aspiring to innovate and disrupt, that was an opportunity we had to take on behalf of our members.
SS4 Physical Sneaker
Use your SS4 NFT to claim the physical sneaker for free ($300 USD retail value) as long as you own the NFT by the redemption deadline of June 15th, 2022.
Merchandise & Giveaways
Connect your wallet in our member store and receive discounts on products, claim free branded merchandise and more.
Metalink Community
Join the SS4 community on Metalink, where our exclusive NFT community hangs out and receives support.
The SS4 NFT grants you access to holder specific IRL events starting with NFT NYC in June.
Future Physical and Digital Releases
All SS4 NFT holders are automatically included on the allow list for all future SoleSavy NFT drops including new sneaker releases, and our forthcoming PFP project.
SoleSavy Trial Membership
SS4 NFT holders who are not SoleSavy members are eligible to receive a free 3-month trial membership ($99 USD value)

The Designers

designer 1

Justin Taylor

When Justin was a kid, he’d spend most of his time drawing sneakers and playing basketball. One day, his mother told him that designing sneakers was a real job he could have and he never looked back. His passion for sneakers and the inspirations that drove their innovation followed him all the way through college where he played basketball. After that, he spent the majority of his career (14 years) designing sneakers for some of Jordan Brand’s top athletes including Chris Paul, Blake Griffin & Carmelo Anthony. On top of designer sneakers for future hall of famers, Justin also designed for other categories like lifestyle and kids.
More about Justin

Gemo Wong

For more than 20 years, Gemo Wong has been at the epicenter of sneaker culture and collaboration. For the majority of this career, the Chicago-area native made his impact at the biggest sportswear company in the world, Nike, Inc. There he held a number of apparel and footwear design roles at Nike and Jordan Brand. The results of his team’s work are etched in sneaker culture history as some of the most coveted sneakers ever created including KAWS x Jordan 4, Off-White x Jordan 4, and Travis Scott x Jordan 6. From collaborating with underground artists to superstar musicians, up and coming creatives to world class athletes, Gemo has played a role in the sneaker industry’s rise from niche hobby to mainstream popular cultural force.
More about Gemo
designer 2
Ali Adab
Ali Adab
Chief Content Officer
Marco H Negrete
Marco H Negrete
VP of Content and Communications
Community Manager
Minting Timeline

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April 17, 2022 @ 11:00AM PST

Tier 2 Allowlist Mint:
April 17, 2022 @ 1:00PM PST

Public Mint:
April 18, 2022 @ 1:00PM PST